Nicola Canford Elementary


Wednesday, January 15: Students pick their area of interest (ie magnets, cleaning oil spills, eyesight) and complete the Student Project Contract.

Monday, January 20: Students complete at least a paragraph of research to give them some background knowledge on their topic of interest. This is a required part of their project report at regionals. They will need a bibliography as well. I find that sometimes students will pick an experiment before this point. That is fine as long as they then do the research so that they can reasonably explain the science behind the experiment.

Monday, January 27:  Students submit a good hypothesis. A hypothesis should make reference to their research (ie I think ____ will happen because _______).

Monday, February3: Students have finalized their experiment procedures, gathered the necessary materials and performed the experiment while recording observations.

Monday, February 10: Students have graphed observations; made a conclusion (citing whether or not their observations support their hypothesis); made a real life application for their results.

Monday, February 17: Students are working on their backboard.

Monday, February 24: Students have finished their backboards and have begun working on their oral presentations.

Monday, March 2: Students are ready for the oral presentation of their project and practice presentations with other participants.

Wednesday, March 4: Nicola Canford Science Fair in the Gymnasium.

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Nicola Canford Elementary
Nicola Canford Elementary